Born in Brasilia, Brazil, amidst a cultural revolution, Danilo Chaves grew up watching the outbreak of some of the most famous pop-rock bands in Brazil. Influenced by the musical effervescence at the time, Chaves started to record improvised songs at the age of seven using an old cassette player, revealing what later would become his real passion— music production and composition.


When studying saxophone performance and Contemporary Writing and Production at Berklee College of Music, Danilo deepened his musical knowledge in a couple of genres without being attached to any musical conventions. Chaves was always experimenting, exploring emerging technologies, and trying new approaches to apply in his compositions and performances. That was also the main reason that led him to pursue a Master's degree at Emerson College in Media Art. There, he saw an opportunity to investigate different ways to make music using a wide range of media types, jumping out of his comfort zone. Would his music be labeled as jazz, samba, rock'n'roll, pop music, new age, choro? Who cares? Chaves is not so much after innovation than music focusing on beauty and spontaneity.


As a performer, Chaves played in various major music festivals in Brazil, South America, and the USA. With his former band Capitão do Cerrado, Chaves recorded three CDs and one DVD. Chaves also shared the stages with famous Brazilian and international artists like John Mayer, the Police band guitarist Andy Summers, Alicia Keys, and the Australian band Men at Work. Danilo also holds a Masters Degree in Software Engineering.


Danilo and Academy Oscar Winner,

composer Alan Silvestri

Synesthesia Goggles - Audio-Visual installation and hardware created by Danilo Chaves

Producing at Boston's studio MIX ONE

Conducting and recording the string quintet for the song "It Never Ends"


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