Short film, music, and sound design created by Danilo Chaves in Boston, 2012

Whiskas Music Jingle

Jingle composed by Danilo Chaves for Whyskas TV AD.

Tem Que Ser Assim - Surf Sessions

Brass Arrangement by Danilo Chaves


Original Music & Jingles

Serenata de Amor - Spia Media Productions

Cape Verdean Soap Opera. Musical Direction and Production by Danilo Chaves

SANA AudioPulse Promo Video

Video and Music created by Danilo Chaves for the award winner MIT project by doctor Ikaro Silva.

Welcome to Careerland

Animation using Maya 2012

Marcela Camargo & Rafael Russi

Video and music recorded, and edited for the Brazilian TV show "Caldeirão do Huck", by Danilo Chaves.

Nike - Less Gravity

Music created for the Nike TV AD by Danilo Chaves.


Synesthesia Goggles by Danilo Chaves

New Media project consisted of custom video goggles, softwares, sensors and servo motors that simulate states of synesthesia.

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